Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One.. Two.. Three.. Turtles!

We at the Fish Pot love the Tobago Turtles. Nesting season is nearing and we are looking forward to welcome these beautiful ancient creatures on our beaches. Many of the Fish Pot crew are patrolling the beaches to prevent the turtles from being disturbed when they're digging their nests, or laying their eggs. Because patrolling takes place at night, we thought it would be better for us, if you all came for lunch! 

Enjoy our Turtle Season Special: The Turtle Three For Two! Come for lunch to the Fish Pot with two of your friends or business partners, order three lunches and get the cheapest lunch for free. How good a deal is that!

See you soon at the Fish Pot!
-The Fish Pot Crew

Small print:
The Turtle Three for Two! applies to lunches only and specifically excludes drinks. The Turtle Three for Two!  runs from 18 February til 18 March 2010. One Turtle Three for Two! per visit only. The Turtle Three for Two! is non-transferable to any future meals or other people nor does it have any redeemable monetary value. Participants might be approached to have his or her picture taken for promotional use. The Fish Pot reserves the right to deny claims for free or discounted meals, if the Fishpot suspects that any the abovementioned is violated.