Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's CHRISTMAS time!!

Christmas Time!
It's THAT time of year again! A time for families to spend time together, a time for friends to take that extra special Christmas lime... A time for pranang, a time for presents, a time for shared fun!

In the time leading up to Christmas, The Fish Pot is the place to meet your friends and family. Not only for our great lunches and dinners, but we like to add a little extra special Christmas fun too! From today until the 26th of December, we invite you to sing a Christmas carol for us, in unison with your brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, son, best friend, friend from long time, cousin, whoever you are with and in return you get our special Catch of the Day lunch Two for One deal!

Here's what you do: Meet up with your friends or family at the Fish Pot for lunch, sing us a Christmas song, order one Catch of the Day lunch and get one for your lunch partner for FREE!

-The Fish Pot crew

Small print:
The free lunch consist of a Catch Of The Day lunch as described on the menu in the restaurant and specifically excludes drinks. The Hot Deal special runs from 5 Dec. til 26 Dec. 2009. One Christmas Special Two For One per person only. The hristmas Special Two For One is non-transferable to any future lunches or other people nor does it have any redeemable monetary value. Participants might be approached to have his or her picture taken for promotional use. The Fishpot reserves the right to deny claims for free lunches, if the Fishpot suspects that any the abovementioned is violated.


sinead said...

Dear, fishpot, fiacra,erica,koo,susie,and all the rest,
I hope you are all very busy over there in one of tobago's finest restaurants,
the best food
the best drink
the best crack
the best markers on the menu board
hope to visit again one day

beachfleet F&B said...

Fresh Fish is special - at Fishpot it really is fresh from the sea - not 'fresh out the freezer' as in many other restaurants. Try the Catch of the Day with salad, fries or homestyle wedges - all equally good depending on your personal taste. ENJOY - we do.