Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fish Pot goes online!

THE FISH POT proudly launches this new website. In blog-format, so everyone can post comments and pictures and join us in the fun. And fun it is... Watch this space carefully, because it's updated regularly with secret recipies, specials, promo's, prize draws and lots more!

This fortnight (28 Sept. - 11 Oct.09) is extra special as we are giving away free lunches with the launch of the website! All you need to do, is enjoy a meal at ours and hand us a note with the secret words: THE FISH POT ROCKS, together with your name and contact details. You might get a call, text, email or message from your hotel, the very next day inviting you for a free 'catch of the day' lunch, take away or eat in as you like!

Don't miss this chance to get your free 'catch of the day' lunch and come visit our lovely little Fish Pot!

-The Fish Pot Crew

Small print:
The free lunch is for the lucky person whose details were drawn only. A proof of identity might be asked. One free lunch per lucky person for this special only. The free lunch must be used within this specials duration (28 Sept - 12 Oct. 09), is non-transferable to any future luncheons or other people nor does it have any redeemable monetary value. The lucky person might be asked to have his or her picture taken for promotional use. The Fishpot reserves the right to deny claims for free lunches, if the Fishpot suspects that any the abovementioned is violated.


Anonymous said...

I have never tasted any better fish in my life! Before I came to Tobago, I wasn't really a fish lover. But I gave it a try at the Fish Pot and I must say that it is the most excellent dinner I've had in a long time! The staff was very friendly and helpful, and also very funny! :)

Aldwin said...

The fishpot is a wonderful experience. Fish at its finest. Plantains is delicious, And the desert, chocolate chocolate, what could one say.

Skene said...

The food is great, the beer is cold. Enjoy