Monday, October 12, 2009

The Fish Pot: good for belly and business!

-Enjoy a 10% off Business Lunch-

This months special is a very easy one. Come up for an eat-in business lunch in between 11 Oct and 8 Nov. 2009 and leave us your business card. Each and every person who hands us their company card gets a 10% discount on the food! Whether you're a hairdresser or a plumber, a taxi driver or Bill Gates, all you need to do is hand us your business card. Plan your meetings over lunch at The Fish Pot, make sure your business partners carry their company cards, and each partner gets a 10% off. How good a deal is that in times of economical recession? The Fish Pot: good for belly and business!

Schedule your business lunch at the Fish Pot and give your budget a 10% break!

-The Fish Pot crew

Small print:
The 10% discount only applies to food and specifically excludes drinks. The 10% discount on handing us your business card is only given in between 11 Oct. and 8 Nov. 2009. One business card discount per person only. The discount is non-transferable to any future lunches or other people nor does it have any redeemable monetary value. The business representatives might be approached to have his or her picture taken for promotional use. The Fishpot reserves the right to deny claims for discounts, if the Fishpot suspects that any the abovementioned is violated.

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